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                                     - 02.02.21

Stagnant Review

"Stagnant manages to pack more frights into its under three minute running time than most full-length feature films."


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                                  - 15.01.21

Time Out Interview

"Filmmaker Ethan Evans talks the success of ‘Time Out’, his viral horror short about a disturbing doll."


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                                               - 11.10.20

Wither Review
"Whilst the film itself is only around 3 minutes long, it stays with you a lot longer than that - filmmakers Evans and Bartlett have crafted a wonderfully creepy grimm fairytale."


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                               - 15.09.20

Stagnant Interview
"Ethan Evans (Director) & Jess Bartlett (Producer) share their journey that gave birth to award-winning 'Stagnant'."


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                               - 28.08.20

Stagnant Article
"The Winners of our Lockdown Horror Competition are here!"


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                                                                - 25.03.20

Wither Article
​​​"A crew of University of Gloucestershire graduates has been awarded Best Horror Film for their chilling short horror film, Wither."


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                                     - 24.08.19

Wither Review
"Perhaps the tightest experience in the first showcase, Wither sees a young girl fall out of step with her rural community’s traditions and pay a gruesome price."


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